Please call ahead if you want to stop by the shop in person to make sure someone is available.

We are exclusive dealers of
Gortex, Camelback, and Black Hawk products!

Your Source for Authentic Military Surplus Items in Valdosta, Georgia, is proud to offer a wide selection of military surplus items. Our staff has over 10 years of experience purchasing surplus items from the D.O.D. and only deals with genuine issued gear. You won’t have to worry about getting cheap Chinese fakes when you shop with us. Whether you are interested in purchasing a military backpack or genuine military tents or generators, we have it all. We work hard to find the items that our customers want at affordable prices. Contact us today for U.S. surplus items at amazing prices.

We not only sell. But we also BUY and TRADE military gear.
Call us today to see what your old gear is worth! only deals in Department of Defense genuine issue gear!

Quality Products and Service offers a vast selection of genuine military products at incredibly low prices. You can count on our years of experience shopping for military equipment to get only the best items in stock. We work hard to find the items you need and provide personalized customer services. Furthermore, if you have any issues with our products, we will resolve them for you. Come by our shop or visit our online store for the best military surplus items.

Please Note: Genuine camouflage field uniforms are becoming increasing difficult to obtain. And thus my inventory is relatively limited. This situation developed when the Department of Defense mandated that infrared threads be woven into the uniforms. That was done to decrease friendly fire for our troops at night. As a result of that change all surplus filed uniforms are now shredded instead of being offered to the general public as surplus. I still obtain some uniforms. But now they have to be purchased directly from GI’s who are selling off gear after discharge. All other clothing such as coats, coveralls and cold weather gear are still readily available. You can still call to see what we have in stock.

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Please call ahead if you want to stop by the shop in person to make sure someone is available